Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Revision

Betty poses by one of my Quad 57's, and worries that I've forgotten to adjust the white balance.

Ho Ho Ho!
In the process of making some more Youtube tutorials, I came across a few bugs and things to be tweaked. This mainly applies to the Midule sequencers and the drum sequencer, but a few bits n' pieces in the main patch too.
Anyway, ons shouldn't really be coding on Christmas Eve, or even blogging for that matter (however attractive an alternative it may seem), so I've just zipped it up and posted it here.
Have a good one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Evil Tonelab - First panic release!

OK, so it's nearly Christmas, and I need to get this thing 'finished', or at least out there, so I can get some feedback (pun not intended).
Software, of course is never finished, and I am finding bugs & inefficiencies daily, but as I said, I need to get this out there.
So here it is.
It's probably full of holes, and the documentation is far from complete - a brief description of each of the modules will follow in a few days, and I'm also working on a 'Rhythm munging with Notelab' Youtube vid - but in the meantime any comments will be greatly appreciated.
So make some noise and send them to: eviltonelab_btinternet_dot_com