Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Revision

Betty poses by one of my Quad 57's, and worries that I've forgotten to adjust the white balance.

Ho Ho Ho!
In the process of making some more Youtube tutorials, I came across a few bugs and things to be tweaked. This mainly applies to the Midule sequencers and the drum sequencer, but a few bits n' pieces in the main patch too.
Anyway, ons shouldn't really be coding on Christmas Eve, or even blogging for that matter (however attractive an alternative it may seem), so I've just zipped it up and posted it here.
Have a good one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Evil Tonelab - First panic release!

OK, so it's nearly Christmas, and I need to get this thing 'finished', or at least out there, so I can get some feedback (pun not intended).
Software, of course is never finished, and I am finding bugs & inefficiencies daily, but as I said, I need to get this out there.
So here it is.
It's probably full of holes, and the documentation is far from complete - a brief description of each of the modules will follow in a few days, and I'm also working on a 'Rhythm munging with Notelab' Youtube vid - but in the meantime any comments will be greatly appreciated.
So make some noise and send them to: eviltonelab_btinternet_dot_com

Friday, September 16, 2011

Evil Tonelab, the prequel.

I'm currently working on a project called Evil Tonelab.
It's a modular system built with MaxMSP, and using Alex Harker's dynamicdsp~ objects, and it's aimed at sound designers, live musicians, remixers, composers, loopers, controllerists, bedroom DJ's or just plain old Maxheads - anyone who likes to make evil tones, in fact.
It's loosely based on Framework, an open-source patch that Leafcutter John shared a few years back, which used scripting to load bpatchers into a serial chain of signal processors.
What I've done is extend this so that they can be chained in any order via a matrix, added separate modulator patches and (Midi) input patches, plus a whole load of other stuff.
And by using dynamicdsp~, you can in theory, do all this on the fly without breaking the signal chain.
As I'm writing this up for my Masters in Music Engineering & Production, I'll be needing to do some user testing, so I'm putting together some tutorial videos for Youtube, and also just recording loads of screencasts of me jamming with it, and of course giving a good workout to that QuickRecord patch.
Below is a Youtube overview and a few QuickRecords - no post edits, just the live noodling. Some are (sort of) musical, some are more sound design, and at the most they might employ a couple of Apple Loops to get them started. They are all 100% Tonelab with no other patches involved - it starts to get more interesting when you involve other patches of course, so I'll upload some examples of that later.
If you search unde 'Evil Tonelab' you'll find a few more Youtube videos, again, most of which are just live doodling at the moment.
It's not quite ready for release yet, and I'll be announcing more about it here, of course, and via the Max forum, but anyone wishing to get in on the action early, please mail eviltonelab_at_btinternet_._com (underscores removed, etc.).
Tonelab is, and will always remain, free, and my hope is that folks will create their own modules in Max and share them here - I've built some templates, and there'll be manuals & Youtube tutorials, so it should be pretty straightforward to contribute.
Big thanks to Leafcutter John for the inspiration, Alex Harker for dynamicdsp~ and a host of other Maxers whose ideas I may have built upon, been influenced by or just plain plagiarised.

Evil Tonelab - it's not Ableton Live.

Some Quickrecords: